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Products & Services - Oilfield Chemicals


Chemicals for Drilling Fluid

Oil-Tech offers high-performance, environmentally safe chemicals, e.g. viscosifiers, fluid loss control agents and many special products, for water-based or oil-based muds and synthenic fluid.

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Chemicals for Cement Slurry

We supply various cement slurry additives and a series of cement slurries for your needs.

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Chemicals for Oil Production

The acid fracturing and hydraulic fracturing fluids are intended to bypass pay zones and return a well to its natural productivity, to extend a conductive path deep into a formation. Thus fluid flow can be altered in the formation and increased productivity beyond the natural level.

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Chemicals for Oil/Gas Gathering and Transportation

These chemicals can solve gathering and transportation problems and reduce energy consumption.

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Chemicals for Oilfield Water Treatment

We offer chemicals able to product formation from plugging and down time such as flocculants, scale inhibitors and bactericides, to clarify wastewater, inhibit corrosion and kill bacteria.

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