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Products & Services - Oil Production Equipment


Artificial Lift Equipment

Pumping units, Sucker rods, Subsurface pumps.

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Wellhead and Christmas Trees

Oil-Tech can offer casing heads, tubing heads and Christmas trees which meet the requirements of customers for different casing and tubing programs and pressure grades.

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Water Flooding Equipment

High-Pressure Reciprocating Pumps and Fluid Balanced Boosting Pumps.

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Tertiary Recovery Equipment

Polymer injection equipment, Nitrogen production and Injection equipment.

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Heavy Oil Production Equipment

The steam produced by steam injection boiler flows to the steam injection well through steam injection pipe network, and passes the thermal recovery wellhead, insulated tubing, expansion joint and thermal packer, then enters and heats the oil layer.

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Well Washing and Wax Removing Equipment

The products have three functions of high pressure well cleanout, heating well clean out and steam dewaxing.

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Swabbing Equipment

The truck is mainly used in the oil recovery operation for remote, abandoned and stripped well, and in the operation of oil well and water well swabbing, drifting and fishing.

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Fracturing and Acidizing Equipment

A fracturing package, with wide range of selections, including model 800-2 000, consists of fracturing truck, sand blender, instrument van, manifold truck and sand transportation truck.

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